Fractional Ownership

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Luxury 4 bedroom lodge

Luxury 4 bedroom lodge

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Luxury 3 bedroom lodge


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Our newest jewel in the Legacy Private Residencies fractional ownership portfolio is the breath-taking Elephant Point Estate. Showcasing South African wildlife at its very best, back dropped by the magnificent Kruger National Park, where the wildlife still roams free.

The benefit of fractional ownership through Legacy Private Residencies is the fact that your investment is attached to an appreciating asset, providing you with exclusive right of use within a 5 star resort and completely managed by one of South Africa’s leading hospitality brands. Essentially you become a physical co-owner of a specific luxury property, but are not faced with all the day to day hassles and responsibilities of owning a second property outright, nor having to outlay the entire capital investment on your own.
Fractional ownership will provide you with all the benefits and luxuries of owning a second property, on a complete turnkey, hassle free and managed platform.

There are a maximum of 12 owners to each fractional property, each owner being able to handpick their preferred 4 weeks which will be guaranteed every single year thereafter.

One benefit which is reserved exclusively for our fractional investors is when you purchase a fraction in our portfolio, although your investment itself is attached to the specific property you invested into, you are able to utilize your four weeks, or a portion thereof, in any one of Legacy’s current, as well as planed five star fractional resorts at no additional charge.

Legacy is completely responsible for managing each property on the owners’ behalf, so every single responsibility associated to your property is taken care of by us 24/7, 365 days a year!

As a fractional owner you will also have the opportunity to participate in our onsite commercial rental service which means that when you are unable to utilize your fraction or a portion of it, Legacy will completely manage, maintain and service your lodge providing you with an immediate financial rental return.

In terms of international travel, another fantastic benefit is that when you purchase a fraction in Elephant Point, you automatically receive membership to the world renowned Registry Collection. This allows you to utilize your fraction in any one of their 5 star hotels, villas or yachts worldwide, there are over 200 five star destinations and experiences for you to choose from across the globe.

So if you take all of the benefits briefly outlined above - Fractional Ownership is truly the ultimate leisure investment as it provides you with a solid appreciating investment, without restricting you to one destination, it gives you 4 weeks of guaranteed use every single year, it caters for international travel as well as generates you a financial rental return whilst you are not using it. All of which is seamlessly orchestrated by our world class management team!!